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Communicate Safely

Your personal email address and phone number are not shared with the other person. When the other person accepts your invitation, you are emailed unique Toppako contact details. These details are used to communicate via Toppako.

Take Control of Your Day

Toppako lets you decide when messages are sent to your account. Using the "do not disturb" feature, messages are saved on our secure servers until a time that is convenient for you.

Smart Technology

Toppako helps you break through difficult conversations, working as an emotional​ spellchecker and tone filter. Messages containing threatening or inappropriate words can not be sent.

Access Anywhere

Toppako is cloud based, making it easy to use. You can read and send messages from an online account for complete privacy or from your mobile devices. Messages can not be deleted from our secure servers and can be printed.

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Aneeta’s Story

Enough was enough. My daughter was only nine when it started. After moving to a better school in the area, we thought the bullying would stop, but it didn’t. You should have read the kinds of messages the other kids were sending her. Not even adults speak like that. But with Toppako communication tool on her phone, laptop and iPad, we were able to stop bullying and protect our little girl from the bullies and keep records of their inappropriate messages. Thanks Toppako – not sure what we’d have done without you.

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Katja’s Story

Hurtful conversations don’t discriminate based on age. I had just turned fifty-six when my husband of two decades changed into a completely different person, after he was made redundant at work. Tired of his constant anger and rage whenever we were together, I told him I was leaving. The hatred, abusive text messages and emails to me was astounding and unrelenting. I started using Toppako, which protected me from all of this, and I was even able to keep records of his offensive behaviour.

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Scott’s Story

I was one of the lucky ones

Unlike many separating couples, my ex partner and I were able to reach each other and find common ground. Sadly I’ve seen the opposite too. I’ve watched very good friends flinch when they receive a text message. I’ve listened to friends voice their agony and concern when conversations with their friend, spouse or child breaks down. Communication should be simple. It shouldn’t cause this much grief or angst. Now there’s a better way, with Toppako communication and co parenting app.

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Mary’s Story

Communicating with my ex partner was hurting me

It should have been simple. Arranging a time to pick up the kids in a shared parenting arrangement shouldn’t need to become a gut-wrenching experience. But it always was. Worrying about the next email or text message became a daily part of my existence. I felt so anxious. Communicating with my ex-partner was hurting me; it was taking an emotional toll. Thank goodness there’s a better way now with the Toppako communication tool.

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John’s Story

I needed something like Toppako

The relationship with my business partner started off well. We were optimistic about the business and its potential for success. The sky was the limit. I thought we were both heading in the same direction, but I wasn’t prepared for the terrible way he communicated. The negative style and tone of his emails was intended to, and did, convey more than the simple message it contained. I would shake every time I saw another email from him in my inbox. I didn’t want to communicate with him; I didn’t want to make it worse. At least now there’s Toppako, to promote effective communication in the workplace.

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