Couple with backs to each other need filter to message



Toppako is a smart, affordable filter that helps you to connect right, during challenging times.

Based in the cloud and with nothing to download, Toppako is a personal tone filter for text or email messages. It uses artificial intelligence and dictionaries of approved and unapproved words to protect you and your loved ones from negative messages.


You don’t have to put up with negative messages or aggressive communication from other people.  You can protect your kids from being exposed to stressful, damaging conversations. Toppako empowers you to take control of your day so that you choose when and how you receive messages.

Toppako - why we created it


Like thousands of others, Toppako’s co-founders have experienced challenging life situations which have shaped their views on the power of positive communication. With a deep sense of wanting to help communities to improve communication during times of crisis, we created Toppako.  It is a simple, effective tool that filters out negative, abusive and aggressive messages on mobile or desktop devices.

We also understand the importance of being part of a like-minded community that is right behind you.
We’ve built lots of opportunities for you to connect with other people.

Read more about emotional fitness and Toppako.

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Hurtful messages can affect others in a way you may not know.


  • Our divorce has been ridiculously messy. Though I can’t change how we feel about each other, Toppako has helped us communicate in a much more civil manner.

    Ms Richardson
  • Toppako has helped my business partner and I manage our frustration with each other, by helping us stop and think before we hit send.

    Mr Parkes
    Small Business Owner