Toppako and groups

Difficult or broken relationships affect all of us at some point.  It could be a family member who we do not understand or someone at work who thinks differently to us. We have heard about business partners who started a venture with enthusiasm and respect for each who can no longer work together. Disagreements about an estate tear tight knit families apart because relatives stop speaking to each other.  For others, it is arguments about caring for and helping aged parents. There are horror stories about coaches managing difficult groups such as team members and  parents.  Consequently, people are left feeling hurt, angry, disappointed and stressed.

Toppako reduces conflict and tension by filtering texts and emails and preventing negative or inappropriate messages from being delivered.  As the sender, you have a second chance to think about and change the tone and words used in a message.  There is no need to experience that gut-wrenching sensation after you have re-read a message that could have been written differently. Think of Toppako as an emotional spellchecker or a tone filter.

Just like other messaging tools Toppako’s group function enables the creation of a number of groups in your account.  Adding contacts to multiple groups makes it easy to communicate with larger audiences. You can send messages as an email or SMS and receive messages on mobile device and a web-based account.

Creating a group account

Watch this short video to see how to create your account in just a few minutes. After the account is set-up you can add contacts, create unique groups and invite members.  Create as many groups as necessary and add contacts to one or more groups.

Each group has a dedicated Toppako email or contact number that you and the group use to send and receive messages.  Your everyday email address and mobile number remains private and is not shared with group members.

Toppako will send an invitation to each contact so they know you want them to join your community and that it is free for them. If someone does not accept your invitation you can share the group’s email address and therefore ensure all messages are reviewed and filtered by Toppako.

Group or individual messages

You can send messages to the whole group or specific individuals from your desktop account or  mobile device.  Toppako enables you to send and receive messages using the email and SMS icons on your device.  You do not download another app or use a website which can be difficult on a mobile.

After hitting the send button, Toppako will review the message and if “green” will send it.  If the message has a negative tone, swearing or is threatening, Toppako will stop the message and suggest it needs to be rewritten. You have two chances to rewrite your message, before your account goes into time-out for 30 minutes.

Your online account

When creating messages in your account, Toppako gives feedback as you type using the traffic light system – green, orange and red.

In your online account you can flag messages into categories to identify conversations about the same topic.  Messages are stored as threads so it is easier for you to read the sequence of conversations.  Any Toppako message that is deleted from your device is available in your online account.

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