I needed something like Toppako

The relationship with my business partner started off well. We were hopeful about the business and our future success.  The sky was the limit.  When we first started, we were heading in the same direction but I wasn’t prepared for the way he communicated.

It started off with a simple disagreement – a difference of opinion that we should have been able to talk through. The situation slowly became worse and progressed to avoiding each other in the office.  Our face to face conversations became less and when we were together, the situation was uncomfortable.  It was affecting others in the office and my health began to suffer.

The negative style and tone of his emails were intended to convey more than the message it contained. I shook every time another email arrived and I started to not want to communicate with him.  I didn’t want to make the situation worse.  Now there’s Toppako that facilitates effective communication in the workplace.