Why Toppako?

Toppako was created by a group of friends who have seen how messages are contributing to the break down of families and friendships.  We are passionate about helping people to communicate positively and reducing conflict when messaging if their primary contact.

In Japanese, Toppako means “breakthrough”.  We believe Toppako is a breakthrough for how people communicate.

Protecting you and your loved ones

You may think that only separated families have problems communicating, however, there are many events that can lead to broken relationships.  We have heard of business partners no longer working together.  Families who do not talk after a relative’s estate has been finalised and siblings arguing about aged parent care options.  Some of these stories have not ended well with people feeling hurt, angry, disappointed and stressed.

Toppako is a simple tool that helps people communicate positively and respectfully by using technology to filter all messages.  Messages that are threatening, contain swearing or are significantly negative are stopped and not delivered.  The writer is encouraged to rewrite the message in a positive and respectful way.

That’s right, you get a second chance to change the tone and what you want to say.  There is no need for that gut-wrenching sensation when you re-read a sent message that you could have written differently. Think of Toppako as an emotional spellchecker.

We all fall into the trap of sending quick to the point messages to stay in touch. You have probably even used an emoji or two.  For more complex or difficult conversations though, these little characters can take on a whole new meaning. You are unlikely to know how your message has been read.

Body language – the key to communication

With messages, you can not see the subtle clues that the other person would have shown if you were talking to them face to face.  The way they squint their eyes or adjust how they sit tells you very specific things about how that person is feeling or their potential reaction.  If you know them well enough, you may have some idea of what they are thinking.

With a little support and encouragement from Toppako, we believe texts and emails can be sent in a positive and respectful way.  There is no need for hurtful conversations.  We can connect right.

For a quick introduction to Toppako watch this short video.

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