The Toppako Difference

Promoting Effective Communication

Take control of your day

Toppako promotes effective communication, by giving you control over when and where you receive your messages. Giving you a chance to be in the right frame of mind before opening an unexpected message.

Smart technology

Using artificial intelligence and dictionaries of approved words, Toppako reviews, filters and flags all messages using a simple traffic light system. At a glance, you will know if a message is ‘safe’ to send or read

Access anywhere, 24/7

Because it’s cloud based, Toppako is accessible from any device – whenever and wherever works best for you. You’ll be communicating right in no time.


Toppako includes a calendar for managing appointments, events and commitments. These can be made visible to your connection, if you like, providing a central location to track important dates.

Safe, stored messages

As a member, your messages will be securely stored in the cloud, where you can access them anytime. Our system is safe, secure and user-friendly.

Join a supportive community

Help others by sharing your story, and join our Facebook group. There are loads of ways to be part of the Toppako community.


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