We know that separating or getting divorced can be extremely stressful. It can even be the most stressful major life event for some people (Deckert and Langelier).

Toppako Traffic Lights System for communicating better with divorced partner

It’s not unusual to experience mixed feelings (ups and downs) when you communicate with your ex, but you should never have to feel threatened or be exposed to aggressive, angry messages. Our tool (Toppako) can help you to communicate better, guiding you to send and receive more appropriate messages by text or email. Using a simple traffic-light system, Toppako will flag inappropriate messages and give you greater control over your conversations.

Toppako is currently being used by separating and divorcing couples who want to ‘reduce the friction’ a bit. We built Toppako using smart libraries of approved and unapproved words, to reduce the chances of you receiving confronting messages.

Stress often boils down to how we communicate with others.

Dr Scott Stanley says the top reasons people separate include infidelity, drinking or drug use, and simply growing apart. He also mentions a lack of mutual commitment, too much conflict and arguing. A number of these problems involve a breakdown (or lack of) communication. This is precisely why we created Toppako. We’ve made it easy and very safe to use.

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