How we use traffic light colours

When you are in control of a vehicle on public roads you rely on traffic lights – red for stop and green for go.  Children learn about healthy and unhealthy food choices using the traffic light system.  It can also apply to how we communicate with others.

The signals are integral to preventing chaos on our roads and keeping people safe.  The traffic light system is used in schools to teach children about healthy eating options.  Children understand the concept of green for go or in the context of food, green foods are the healthiest choice and foods in the red category should be limited.

Traffic lights and communication

Communication should follow the same guidelines particularly during times of conflict such as divorce and separation.  During such a major life event it is easy to let emotion influence how we communicate.

Recent figures show divorce rates in Australia, are still sitting at 1.9% per 1000 people. It’s getting lower, but divorces are happening. A traffic light system for messages reminds people how to maintain respect for one another during a difficult time.

Image if you could rely on a system that filters messages in the same way that traffic lights direct traffic.  The receiver would know that a ‘green message’ is OK to read and does not have nasty or hurtful words.   Amber messages would signal sarcasm or unpleasant tones and warn senders to rethink what they are writing and finally, red messages cannot be sent – they are stopped by the filter.

Toppako uses a traffic light approach to encourage people to communicate positively. The platform is an emotional spellchecker protecting you from receiving and sending hurtful messages. It prevents messages containing profanity, inappropriate emojis and threatening words from being sent and gives the sender opportunities to rewrite messages in a positive and respectful tone.

The traffic light system prevents havoc and carnage on our roads. In the same way, Toppako brings order and safety to messages during emotionally difficult and challenging times.

This article provides more information about how Toppako can help you connect right and take control of your communication.